Submitting a Loan for Underwriting Approval

Submitting a Loan for Underwriting Approval

Sunday, June 30, 2019


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  1. Big 3 Credit Bureaus
    31 Jul, 2019
    The Best Credit Explanation Letter Formula
    A LITTLE TIP THAT GOES A LONG WAY   Keeping It Simple Often times its the simple things that cause a deal to go south. A credit explanation letter is one of those simple things that is easy to get right the first time. When done wrong, it can open up a can of worms that may lead to more questions from the underwriter. While we don't recommend writing the letter for your borrower, you can certainly let them know what type of content would serve them well. The secret is a simple formula that
  2. 25 Jul, 2019
    4 Essential Mortgage Loan Processing Skills
    What You Need to Know    There is so much to learn to become a fast, efficient mortgage loan processor. In our training, we discuss ten things that are essential to be an effective. Here are four important skills that every loan processor will want to strive for: An effective loan processor knows how to analyze a loan file – Knowing the elements that make or break a deal is crucial. A good processor has the ability to look at a loan application with its supporting documentation and quickly
  3. 23 Jul, 2019
    What to Focus on When You are New on the Job
    ASK THE MORTGAGE TRAINER: WHAT SHOULD I FOCUS ON? QUESTION: Many of our students want to know, “What are the most important things for me to master as a new loan processor?” ANSWER: After having trained thousands of mortgage professionals since 1997, we can confidently say that the top 3 things are: Learning core loan processing principles. Understanding the fundamentals will give you confidence with what you are doing and clarity about why you are doing it. Becoming proficient in
  4. What to Do When You Are Over Qualified
    13 Jul, 2019
    What to Do When You Are Over Qualified
    WHAT MATTERS MOST  After leaving the Midwest, I was experiencing a tough time. I decided to apply for an entry-level job at a large financial institution. I knew that getting the job should be easy since my qualifications exceeded those required by far. I had previously held management positions at large banks and even operated my own company in the financial services industry. Since I was recently divorced and caring for an extended family, I no longer desired a position that required long
  5. 5 Power Tips for Interviews
    09 Jul, 2019
    5 Power Tips for Interviews
    ASKING KEY QUESTIONS Employers put on their game face during the job interview just like you do. Instead of worrying about whether you are a good fit for the employer, make sure they are a good fit for you! Ask key questions before you say, “Yes!” These five powerful tips for job interviews will help you choose a position that not only pays well but is in alignment with your personality, goals and lifestyle. 1. Ask for specific details about the day-to-day responsibilities of the position.